About us

In ancient times, pepper was called black gold. However, it is worth much more to us than the precious metal. It is a way for us to help those who really need it and at the same time offer something truly unique to the world. Welcome to the world of .pepper..field, a place where the exceptional taste of Kampot pepper, wonderful gifts, authenticity and the effort to change life for the better find common grounds.

It started in Cambodia

We started the .pepper..field project in 2018 after we discovered the incredible taste of Kampot pepper and the sad reality of the exploitation of small farmers who grow it in the foothills of the Bokhor Mountains. Since then, the Kampot province in Cambodia has been our second home. Thanks to the 100% fair trade purchase of pepper, we are trying to bring economic growth, self-sufficiency and technological development to the area. Currently, our work has an impact on the lives of 2,000 people from these farming families, whose lives we are constantly trying to improve. We are proud members of the Association for Social Responsibility (CSR) and fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We were awarded the 2nd place in the Business category at the SDG Awards in 2021 for our work.

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Quality Awarded

The quality of Kampot pepper is truly exceptional. This is evidenced by our continued successes in one of the most prestigious gastronomic competitions in the world - the Great Taste award. In 2021, as one of the few European projects, we won the Golden Fork - the highest award in this competition.

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Direct and fair trade

Today, .pepper..field is the only company in the world that pays small growers of Kampot pepper the 100% fair trade price officially set by the KPPA. Additionaly, they always receive the full amount directly from us, without any intermediaries. Everything is done under our full supervision. Our effort is to motivate others to buy pepper from farmers in the same way.

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Benefits of monetary help

Most families use the money for farm maintenance, health care, school fees and school supplies for their children. We also commit to returning part of the profits back to Cambodia for education and health projects. We know all the farmers and will always take care of them! During the 2020 crisis, we organized the Million for Cambodia food drive.

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