Our team

Just as our farmers in the fields of Kampot take care of every peppercorn, we - the .pepper..team - take care of customers, business partners and products.


The chief troublemaker

Founder, visionary and driving force behind the brand. I mainly take care of the development and innovation of the company on both the European and Cambodian side and oversee the expansion. My motivation is the smiles of our farmers on the one hand and satisfied customers on the other.


The central narrator of our stories

I'm in charge of what .pepper..field looks like - including the design of all products and the story behind them. From the very beginning, I've been helping by telling about the beauty of our products, and I'm looking for similar stories from other brands with which we create non-traditional pepper delicacies.


Cambodian chieftain

Ajaa is indeed in the right place. He himself grew up on the streets and his dream is to make Cambodia a better place to live for many Khmers through .pepper..field. He is an incredible hard worker who prefers to spend time with our farmers' families one day and then turn around and present to the Secretary of Commerce with incredible composure as if he has been doing it all his life!

  • Eliska

    Manager of the Universe

    If anything needs to be handled or arranged, your manager of the universe is here! I take care of the operation of our entire office to ensure that nothing is missing, and everyone has everything they need. What I enjoy the most is that there's something new waiting for me every day in .pepper..field, and I'm constantly learning new things. Our amazing team is an added bonus to it all!

  • Pavel

    Karma Trader:

    I've always wanted to do work that makes sense in life. Here in .pepper..field, where I work with wonderful people to help Cambodian farmers and their families improve their lives, is what fulfills me and makes my soul feel good. That's why I'm at .pepper..field.

  • Thomas

    Digital Artist

    I craft creative magic from the ground up, ideally with just a snap of my fingers. You can see my work wherever our logo appears – from label prints on packaging to the e-shop shopping experience. I love challenges and progress, which is why I joined the rapidly growing .pepper..team, where I saw potential from day one.

  • Peter

    Digital Marketing Ninja

    I may not be visible, but you encounter my work very often. I'm here to make sure you don't miss any of our events or new products.

  • Ales

    mADman for pepper

    I like to say that I live with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. But I left a piece of my heart in Cambodia. Behind every peppercorn is a long journey, and I'm here to tell that story.